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Business Coaching

Without good, sustained sales performance most businesses go absolutely nowhere!

Do you feel the same about your business? Wouldn’t you like to rely on sales that increase on an annual basis, even by only 1%, but hopefully by a lot more?

There are plenty of books and courses that help you to learn the basic rules of selling. The difference is that Sales Growth Coaching helps you to identify the communication obstacles encountered and to reveal the way of thinking and questioning that can be used to change views and reactions.

In order to sell better you have to alter the way you think about sales

Can you easily identify what makes a salesperson get on with a prospect and what can turn them off?
Do you have the right people selling? Do you really know how to manage them to best effect?

It’s all about identifying positive change upwards to real growth.


Anthony Fitzgerald

I am based in West Berkshire and within reach of most of the south of England. I would be glad to come and see you for an initial, no obligation, chat to talk over any sales or marketing problem that you may have identified. Anthony Fitzgerald

If we mutually agree that I may be able to get real results by coaching you or any member of your management and staff, then I have a structured, non-contractual system that is delivered in modules from AndCoaching, easily delivered on a one-to-one basis.

I am a member of the AndCoaching group of coaches who have consistently delivered real and measurable business results for the last ten years to over 200 business entities.  Anthony.Fitzgerald@AndCoaching.com



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